2015 – more forests and B&W!


Beams. Yosemite Valley, june 2014.

Now, I’m not really a guy for making new-years resolutions. However, every now and then I scrutinize my own images and adjust my direction somewhat to have the right all-over balance in my work. I have decided that I will try to work a little bit more with forests and trees and more in black and white this year. Ok, now I’ve said it. Hope I can live up to that. I will start with preferring forest-destinations when I have no specific other plans, and also plan to submit a few more images to dedicated B&W competitions.

This image is from Yosemite Valley an early morning in june 2014. I was driving into the valley and saw some light mist covering El Capitan Meadow. I stopped my car there and walked into the forest of giant trees by the foot of El Capitan. A truly magical morning! Hope you like it, have a super weekend!

Dag Ole

Enchanted forest


Enchanted forest. Bavaria, Germany, october 2014.

Enchanted forest. Bavaria, october 2014.

Driving from Garmisch-Partenkirchen towards Ammersee one day early in october, I was continuously scanning the landscape for interesting scenes. The skies were overcast and there was light rain in the air, perfect conditions for photography in the forests. After a quick lunch I passed a small but dense forest. I stopped on a small turnout and headed into the woods. On my way back the car, these wonderful twisted backlit trees caught my attention. Hope you like my image, have a wonderful weekend!

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Dag Ole

Bavarian Forest

Bavarian forest


Before I go on a photography-tour, I always have a few photographs in my mind. Before my recent trip to Bavaria I had planned to capture some images from German forests, in addition to the obvious mountainscapes. I had a weak conception of straight, tall trees over a colorful autumn forest floor and I was hoping for some fog. This day I drove down from my base camp in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the lower areas to the north. These areas are mostly agricultural, but when I followed the smaller roads, I now and then passed a dense forest. The skies were grey and dull, which is perfect for forest-photography, and after a while, a rain shower hit the lowlands. Moisture gives the foliage extra saturation, so the conditions were ideal. I stopped numerous times to photograph, and the initial impression was that I probably had a few OK images. On my way back to Garmisch later the same afternoon, I found a larger forested area close to Ammersee. I parked my car and wandered around in the woods for a couple of hours, struggling somewhat with finding a good composition. On my way back to the car, this beautiful yellow tree with the winding path next to it caught my attention and I worked here for a few minutes. As I sat down with the post-processing later the same evening, this image slowly emerged. Of numerous captures from the German forests, this is probably the one that came closest to what I hoped for. Hope you like it too. Have a splendid weekend!

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