Half Dome glow

Half Dome glow, Yosemite Valley, minutes before sunset, June 2014.

Yesterday I embarked upon one of the more strenuous photography trips of this year. I started out at 4am and drove for a few hours to catch the sunrise in the mountains of Trollheimen. After having parked and walked for about an hour in steep and difficult terrain, I reached the location I had planned for. Unfortunately the light did not play along. The sunrise was ok and the landscape there is fabulous, but you know how it is…. sometimes there are small things that preclude the composition. The skies were not top-notch, the contrasts were a little bit too harsh, the autumn colors were faded… and so on. Anyway, when I got back home 16 hours later I was pretty much exhausted after little sleep, little food, too much coffee and trekking and “climbing” in the mountains. Today, I have reviewed the images and processed a few of them. As always, I think they need to mature for a few weeks on my hard drive before I can conclude, but I was a little bit disappointed with the results. So therefore, I sat down and processed a few older images, e.g. from Yosemite. It feels good to release a good image (in my humble opinion) after having struggled with the elements yesterday. Hope you like it too!

This image pretty much concludes my California-portfolio for now. I have a couple of more images ready for publishing, but I am saving them for another rainy day. Visit my online gallery nordhaugphotography.com to see the rest of my California collection.

Dag Ole

Half Dome glow

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